Money Mart Titanium+ & BMO Prepaid Travel Card (Update)

In a previous post I vented frustrations with Money Mart and their Titanium+ Prepaid Visa card.  This is an update.

On March 26 I received my BMO Prepaid Travel Mastercard.  Activation via their web site is fairly simple.

Documentation that comes with the card indicates that I may add money to this card online from either a BMO account or, if I am with a different bank, set it up as a bill payment.  My main bank is TD Canada Trust.  I quickly find out that TD Canada Trust will not let me pay money to a BMO Prepaid Travel Card.  TD Canada Trust is usually very helpful, but not this time.

Since TD Canada Trust is unable to help me load the card, I decided to open an account with BMO.  The process was fairly painless and the lady I met with was very helpful.

My Titanium+ Prepaid Visa from Money Mart continues to be a royal pain.  Most noticeably for Internet transactions that require an address.  Often these transactions are rejected even though the address is entered correctly.

I am in the process of migrating all credit card transactions over to my new BMO Prepaid Travel Mastercard.

Look for a conclusion post on this topic in a few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Money Mart Titanium+ & BMO Prepaid Travel Card (Update)”

  1. HI, you are not alone. I purchase the same card from money mart and i just would like to hold a flight and when i entered my information and click continue it said that i have wrong postal code so i entered again the postal code and hit continue and i was charged by airline twice and when i called the airline he said that i was not charged. I called visa so many times and said i was charged and visa said my money will be returned to the card after 15 days. And i was so so upset and i told them thats why i bought this card to hold the price of flight and the next day it might gone up. but up to this moment my money has not been put back in my card more than 15 days already. Im so frustrated with this money mart prepaid cards

  2. Gave up on Titanium / Money Mart. BMO would not give me a Travel Card. I am very pleased with preloaded cards from both Home Trust Visa and Canada Post Visa. No hassles and inexpensive.

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