Money Mart Titanium+ & BMO Prepaid Travel Card (Conclusion)

My last and final post regarding my Money Mart Titanium Plus Mastercard.

I have been using my BMO Prepaid Travel Card for just over three months now and have had no difficulties.  It has been accepted everywhere I have needed to use it.  Loading it is as easy as transferring money from my regular BMO bank account.

The only snag I hit is I am unable to transfer money to the BMO Mastercard from my TD account.  Documentation from BMO says I should be able to deposit money to the Prepaid Travel Card from any Canadian bank the same way I would pay any other Mastercard.  However, TD does not support this.  The BMO  chequing account costs me $4.00 per month.  This is cheap compared to the fees and hassle that come with the Money Mart Titanium Plus card.

Since I began my search for a better prepaid card another option has been presented to me.  Easy Financial Services offers a prepaid card that they call the EPIC Mastercard.  The web site does not mention or list service charges though there is no credit check as is required with the BMO card.  It is worth checking out.

My Money Mart Titanium Plus card has officially been canceled.  For me it was not worth the hassle.  For someone who may not pass the credit check required by BMO, this card may be a temporary option or last resort.

8 thoughts on “Money Mart Titanium+ & BMO Prepaid Travel Card (Conclusion)”

  1. I have been thinking of making a switch to Titanium Plus Visa Card. It sounds like that the customer service is indeed incompetent. I sure hope the shmoes over there would smarten up a bit by now. Either that they’re intentional idiots.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a bank account. Let alone, BMO bank account. But I do have a prepaid debit card, of which I use to load funds to my prepaid Link MasterCard. It may not be perfect, but the load for prepaid Link MasterCard is 1500.00, the max daily load is 2999.00 the minimum is 25.00. the monthly fee is 7.95, the maximum balance allowed is 5000.00

    2.00 fee per a load not too bad. I don’t feel too bad when walking to the northern store when loading it. The good thing about the Link prepaid MasterCard it can be reloaded either at the local Northmart, Value lots and Northern – store branch.

    I don’t know about Iridium prepaid MasterCard. But it seems you’ll need a street address to be mailed to you. Considering that we don’t use officially use streets in the Indian Reserve I live.

    Personally I believe that a prepaid credit card is a practical tool for those who would don’t want to get into debt. It saved my butt more than once. I renewed my subscription to my internet protection software. Oh yeah I paid my telephone bill with it. It saved me on money order fees and stamp fees.

    My cousin ordered groceries from off reserve and paid her telephone bill with her prepaid Link Mastercard. I suspect that my electrical (utilities) provider accepts the prepaid MasterCard.

  2. Anyways I take it that you love BMO Prepaid Travel Card. Good for you. It sure beats using a regular credit card. I don’t know what goes on with the money mart and titanium plus visa. I wonder if others would experience the hassle of using their card,

    One thing I do know about my current prepaid Link MasterCard, it works all right. I often check online on how much is available on my card. before making any purchases.

    My father laughed when I told him that my card was declined. when there was insufficient funds. It didn’t say pending. Of which is good. But the kicker, is that I was charge 10.00 overdraft fee. That was about week ago.

    reloading is straight forward, two dollar fee. But the card cost me 14.99, when I first got it.

  3. speaking of which, I was able to purchase gasoline with a prepaid Link Debit Card. Just to fill the old man’s truck. half of tank worth 33 litres. It’s a thirsty truck.

    Anyways take care gary and stay sweet man

    ps you can merge this one with the previous post and edit this one out.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up guys! I was on my way to Money Mart when I saw the reviews….def going with BMO.

  5. I can’t complain about my Titanium plus card from Money Mart. I have my pension deposited to it monthly. A little steep at $ 15.00 per month, but the charges are tax deductable.

    I don’t understand why it isn;t possible to walk in to a B of M and lay down cash and have the funds available immrdiatley on the Card. Dumb…


    1. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me either. Other cards I have had I could always walk into the bank and put down cash with no problems. I have a regular BMO account so I just transfer funds to the pre-paid card as needed.

      1. Hi Gary…this seems like a old post..but I went online to get a BMO Prepaid Travel card..talked to a gal..its on its way…now when I go to activate it..can I go into a BMO bank with cash,pay activation fee in cash..and put cash in all the time in person..I think I can put my CPP pension check in there online as well..yes..??? Will it let me put direct deposit of paychecks? I do not have a bank account as of yet so thats why I ask…thanks so much!

        1. This post is from a couple years back and still very much applies.

          I have a BMO bank account that I use in conjunction with my card. It costs me something like $4.95 a month.

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