Common Products that Contain Aspartame

Recently I blogged about a video from Fox News on the synthetic sweetener, Aspartame.  As a follow-up, this post is dedicated to products that contain the poison (Aspartame) that are not so obvious.  The original Fox News video can be found here.

It is my intent to update this list on a regular basis.  Your submissions are welcome.

Flintstone Vitamins

Certain Flintstone Vitamin products contain Aspartame.  According to the manufacturer, Bayer, Aspartame is used to mask the bitter taste of  calcium.  Flintstone Vitamins are synthetic so they are of little use to the body anyway.  Bayer is a leading pharmaceutical company.  Probably best known as makers of Aspirin.


NeoCitran is promoted as a remedy to relieve cold and flu symptoms.  This product used to be one of my favorite remedies and I was extremely disappointed when I discovered certain NeoCitran products contain Aspartame.  I find this especiallyinteresting considering NeoCitran isn’t recommended for diabetics in the first place and has no connection with weight loss.  NeoCitran is made by the pharmaceutical company, Novartis.

Last update:  October 10, 2010

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