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Put Junk Mail to Good Use

Put Junk Mail to Good Use – Send Back YOUR Advertisement


We’ve all received junk mail.  I am not talking about spam e-mail but advertisements received through traditional mail (aka snail mail).  Typically this type if mail range from credit card applications to charities wanting donations.  Go into any small town post office and you will see the trash bin there is full multiple copies of the same garbage.  I have come to realize that some of this unwanted mail can be put to good use.

I look for the mailings that include a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Typically the postage in the top-right corner is pre-printed and says something like Business Reply Mail; Postage Paid if Mailed in Canada.  The envelope will also have the sender’s address printed on it as the destination.  Return address is usually blank.

Of course the intent of the self-addressed stamped envelope is intended so that you can mail back your credit card application or donation and not have to pay postage.  Instead of a cheque or a credit card application, I like to send back an advertisement of my own.  The idea is that perhaps some low paid clerk will open the envelope and see an opportunity.  Worst case scenario is the junk mailer gets to pay to see my advertisement.  🙂

Below is an example of what I am currently sending.  The advertisements are double-sided with one ad on each side of the 1/3 sheet of paper.

I Get Paid to Drink Coffee (Canada Coffee Guy)
I Get Paid to Drink Coffee (Canada Coffee Guy)
Drink Coffee.  Make Money.  Lose Weight.
Drink Coffee. Make Money. Lose Weight.