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Why do some Internet Marketers feel it is necessary to lie to me?

The topic of my this post is the result of two different e-mails I received this past week from people wanting me to have a look at their product or opportunity.

The header of the first e-mail read,  From:  Zachary; Subject:  I am ready to join.  Since I haven’t been in contact with anyone named Zachary, I was suspicious but opened it anyway.   Upon reading the email, I find this person has lied to me at least twice.

Fist lie:  The content of the e-mail has nothing to do with joining anything I am involved with.  The writer is pitching a program for finding contacts on the Internet (which he no doubt used to find me).  The subject line was crafted to get my attention an prompt me to open the e-mail.  It had nothing to do with the content of the e-mail.

Second lie:  I look at the bottom of the message and notice the name in the signature is not Zachary.  Now I am wondering if either name is correct.

In the second e-mail, the writer tells me she found a slip of paper with my name on it from a convention she attended.  She claims to be with the same company as me, is rapidly expanding her business, and wants to share with me how she is generating leads.  I find this interesting as the company we supposedly share a connection through is fairly new and has not yet had their first major convention.  I know who most of the serious business builders are and her name doesn’t ring any bells with anyone on my team.

She found my contact information from a company replicated web site.  As did the first person.  I have no problems with this but why lie to me?

Business is built on relationships.  Relationships are based on trust and integrity.  Both of these writers have blatantly lied to me right out of the gate.  Why would I do business with either of these two people?