Fox News on Aspartame (Nutrasweet)

If you use Aspartame on a regular basis, you need to watch this.  If you want alternatives, we need to talk.

More information on Aspartame (Nutrasweet) can be found on the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network.

At some point I plan to do a more complete review of this poison that is commonly found in diet products.  I do not for one minute believe that either the American FDA, or Health Canada always tell the truth or always have our best interests in mind.


August 18, 2009:

A list of products that contain Aspartame that may not be so obvious can be found here.

Lessons from Twitter and a severe storm

Recently I gained some insight about Twitter and added about 150 followers without intending to.

As of Friday, July 31, 2009, the number of followers for my main twitter account (@insanelyhealthy) was at approximately 550. By the following Monday I had over 700 followers. I had not had a lot of time that week to dedicate to Twitter, EXCEPT…

The next evening we had a major (20 year) storm in Alberta. When I realized that the local Country station which normally plays mostly music had canceled all programming and switched to all chatter, I knew something was up.

Extreme winds had demolished the stage for a major outdoor Country music concert (Big Valley Jamboree). For the next two to three hours I sent tweets to #bvj to update what was coming in on the radio, trying not to duplicate others.  My goal was purely to keep others informed who may not have access to the same information as me.

The lesson for me here underscores that Twitter is like a big party.  People want to interact with others who provide value.