Mar 222012

Photo radar camera upgrades

According to the March 16 edition of the Stony Plain Reporter, The City of Spruce Grove is in the process of upgrading their photo radar system.  Mobile units will be replaced with stationary red light and speed on green cameras at four intersections along Highway 16A.

As usual, safety reasons are touted and revenue generation is downplayed.

Guilty until proven innocent

The most serious issue I have with the photo radar system is the Spruce Grove Mayor, Stuart Houston, seems believe in a system where people are guilty until proven innocent.  According to the Stony Plain Reporter, Mayor Stuart Houston says…

The undeniable fact is that anyone who receives a red light, speed on green, or photo radar ticket is breaking the law.

From this statement I understand that the photo camera systems are absolutely perfect and that everyone who receives a ticket in the mail deserves it.

What a load of steer manure.

My questions for Mayor Stuart Houston

  1. Are you telling us that the photo enforcement system is absolutely perfect?
  2. Are you telling us that all tickets issued are 100% valid 100% of the time without fail?
  3. Are you telling us that anyone who receives a ticket is automatically guilty?



  5 Responses to “Spruce Grove Upgrades Photo Radar”

  1. They have ruined the city of Spruce Grove and there is so much revenue coming in that they don’t care what you think, you’re vote is a joke and the photo radar attack on everyday people/ tax payers is proof of that. They are parasites, misusing traffic enforcement for profit. What’s even more sick is these scum bags say it’s for our safety, a trick used by authoritarians and control freaks throughout history as they use some tragedy to further their agenda. I’ll take care of me and my own families safety thank you very much just cut the grass and cut back on the size of city halls reach into my life, victimless crimes and petty things that are not important save for your own gain!

    • Town of Morinville also has the “photo radar” program in place and touts the same story of safety. I would recommend that you go to and in the Archives box , enter Photo Radar and read the many articles, editorials and comments. Seems like we have the same problem.

  2. I’m not opposed to paying a fine when I break the law but these bullies have over stepped their bounds.
    $388.00 for not coming to a complete stop before turning right on an intersection with no other traffic, it now changes from teaching a lesson and safety to hurting my family and the amount of money I can spend on groceries, Hey 75.00 and I get it, $388.00 really ? .. bullies I tell ya … to add injury to insult …. we pay them to do this to us ( taxes ) are we stupid or what.

  3. I moved to Spruce Grove in 1998, it was a nice little town back then. Now, I can’t stand the place, this spring I’m selling my house and moving out of here. There is to many cons to even start listing them!

  4. We received a letter from city of Spruce Grove, it was a gift a photo radar ticket, we received it 2 weeks after the incident, just enough time so you can’t recall the details who was driving, what vehicles were around you, possible errors, obstructions or other objects that can produce erroneous results, the picture does not show full view of all the other lanes just a close up of my vehicle and nothing else, this has become a true money grab and municipal greed. Where does this money go? How much goes to the contractor? Where is the contractor located? Enough is enough, don’t get me started on red light and stop signs violations they are an even bigger money grab!

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